About Kori

Kori first fully immersed herself into the world of dogs with her adoption of Ziggy a rescued terrier mix with personality plus (Read Ziggy’s Story). She moved to San Diego and started her career working for a successful doggy daycare. Camp-Run-A-Mutt where she managed up to 100 dogs a day. As she gained more experience working hands on with dogs, she also put in many late nights and overtime to earn her certificate in dog training from the Animal Behavioral College.

Next on Kori’s journey was a move to Montana. From there she continued to further develop her skills running a doggy daycare and training all types of dogs in special circumstances.

During her tenure she diligently furthered her dog training experience by enriching her knowledge in learning everything about pet nutrition. Based on positive results in her training regiments focused around nutrition, she found there were a few key concepts for a dog to live a long and happy life. Kori found that many dog’s lives are cut too short due to improper nutrition.

Kori left Montana to return to San Diego to rejoin and bring back her new set of skills to Camp Run-A-Mutt. From here she further practiced managing dog training on a larger scale.

Her next move was to the Pacific Northwest where she ran a doggy day care, worked in a Vet Hospital, and continued training, specializing in behavior and socialization.

Kori has now brought her incredible skills back home to Ventura County.
Kori is a K-9 lifestyle coach focusing on the inside and out of your furry family member.